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James Blake talks to Huffington Post and Brightest Young Things

clock May 12, 2013
James Blake talks to Huffington Post and Brightest Young Things

“Well, I suppose it starts by really wanting to make some music.  There was no kind of drought of creativity or inspiration… I just really wanted to make some music.  I guess I had a muse and a reason to be writing music, plus a feeling I wanted to convey.  I had some new experiences and I had some practice singing [laughs] so I just wanted to make music.”

Brightest Young Things delved deep into the process James Blake went thru when recording his new album, Overgrown. Here their interview here.

While Huffington Post takes us in another direction, asking James about performing on Letterman, his unlikely collaborations, and his muse:

“I just did an interview where someone said to me, ‘What is the song that reminds you of your first love?’ And I said D’Angelo, ‘The Line.’ And then she said, ‘When was that then? You must have been…’ And I was like 23. [Laughs] She looked a bit shocked. I know not everyone falls in love really early, but I really waited. I just didn’t really meet that person at all. It’s just a pretty amazing thing to happen when you’re on tour but all of the things in your life are uncertain, but there arrives this one certainty; or at least in your mind. That was a really beautiful thing to happen at a really important time. Suddenly I have to write an album and I just know exactly what to fucking write about.”

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