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Home Again

clock May 23, 2009
Home Again

Hey guys �â�€�” Park again. We are all home for another week or so and then back out on the road. We just finished a two-week run that started in Massachusetts and ended in North Carolina. We had a blast �â�€�” we played some really great clubs, like the Norva in Norfolk (hot tub in a rock venue?) and the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey. We hit the Motown Museum on a day off in Detroit for some musical history, and we played a festival downtown the next day to thousands of crazy music lovers who aren�â�€�™t scared of rain in the slightest. We had a serious basketball game on a day off in Massachusetts, and it turns out that our production manager Devin is a vicious player. John Coinman also has a nice touch and superb court vision�â�€�¦

Kevin’s daughter Lily joined us for a number of shows and sang with Kevin on a new song called �â�€�œLet Me Be the One.�â�€� She was fantastic and such a joy to be around, and we hope to see her again soon. My wife Sara Beck sang at a few shows as well, and I believe she�â�€�™s coming out for the next run.

We�â�€�™re looking forward to Niagara Falls and Syracuse and the rest of the summer�â�€�¦hope to see you all soon!

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