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Hey Mama

clock June 14, 2011
Hey Mama

I was standing by the Anthropologie shoe table debating if a sweater was a good gift for my sister in law; She was standing between two racks of dresses in purple boots. I knew one of her friends and introduced myself, she seemed disinterested.

It’s been an amazing year for me personally, spiritually, and creatively. I finished my new record, “Young Love”, signed with a new record label…..oh, and met and married the woman of my dreams. We exchanged vows under a canopy of southern weeping willows on blazing June evening. It was amazing.

I wrote “Hey Mama” about that first day we met between the shoe table and the dress rack. The chorus popped into my head driving home one night. I recorded some hand claps & a big bass drum and wrote the rest dancing around my living room that night. I hope you feel some of the butterflies. You can listen to it here.


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