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Hello from John

clock November 24, 2008
Hello from John

Hi, this is John Coinman, one of the members of Modern West. We want to welcome everyone to our new website and we hope all of you who visit here will become our friends and we will meet at sometime when we play in your town.

So far we have had incredible response to our first CD, Untold Truths. We want to thank all of you who have bought the CD and have started to spread the word about Modern West. We know that it takes time to build a following even though we have a famous lead singer. So all of you who are in on the ground floor before anyone else deserve a lot of credit. There are people who will probably dismiss this CD as a vanity project for Kevin but anyone who listens can hear that it is not a vanity project. We take our music very seriously even though we don�â�€�™t take ourselves very seriously. So again �â�€�” thanks to you who have listened and believe in us.

We had a great time in Nashville during the CMA awards week. We got to meet a lot of wonderful people and a lot of people got a chance to hear us. We played The Grand Old Opry, The Stage, and an outdoor concert at the �â�€�œChevy Stage�â�€� downtown. People were so gracious and nice and they welcomed us to their town in a big way. It was a great way to celebrate the release of our first CD.

We�â�€�™re going to play a few shows in December. We are also going to make a run through the Midwest in January so please keep an eye on our tour schedule. I promise you will see a great band if you can make it to a Modern West show. We�â�€�™ll be at Stagecoach in California in April. There should be lots of cool things going on next year �â�€�“ like maybe a �â�€�œDances With Wolves�â�€� concert where the movie was filmed.

All The Best,

John C

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