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Hello All!

clock November 30, 2010
Hello All!

I’m currently on a train to London for a couple of shows and recording some of the album! Got some newbies to record for you all ‘So So Much’, ‘Kiss Me And More’ (which you can find on youtube here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck7sd2Dtvhg) and ‘I’m Not Yours’. Will be recording with the talented (in music and scrabble) Eliot James.

For those of you in London, I’ll be playing a show at Kings Cross St Pancras station this Thursday 2nd December. Keep an eye on my twitter and facebook for details!

I’m pretty sure my dad subscribes to my blogs and will kill me if i tell you all this story. But ach I’ll do it anyway.
At the weekend there my mum and dad were going to church. Dad was feeling a bit tearful so as they were rushing out the door he turns to my mum and says “Rosemary where are my handkerchiefs!?” (yes my dad has got to that age of using handkerchiefs instead of paper tissues)
My mum said that there were some on top of their bed where the ironing is.
Dad runs upstairs, grabs his hanky and off they go to church.
Halfway through mass, surely enough, my dad needs his hanky. He dives into his pocket, whips out his hanky and blows his nose. He takes the hanky from his nose to find that it wasnt gis hanky but in fact a pair of my mothers knickers.
Thank god they were clean.

Anyway I’m off as I’ve almost arrived in London!

I’ll love you and leave you all with this video of Gorillaz covering the xx on radio 1. Anyone else in love?


Pearly pops


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