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You Guys Better Sit Down For This New Release Tuesday. It’s Major…

clock March 28, 2014
You Guys Better Sit Down For This New Release Tuesday. It’s Major…

Today’s New Releases unleash two long-awaited full-lengths into the world for you–Sage The Gemini’s “Remember Me” is now ready! And all you adorable fans of The Colourist, their self-titled debut full-length can be all yours now…

But wait! New Release Tuesday brings some awesome brand new remixes of hit jams by both Martin Garrix and John Newman, as well as The Secret Sisters preorder with now a third beautiful song that you can instantly DL upon preorder, Until The Ribbon Breaks‘ new, super dope EP “The Other Ones” (OMG did you see him at SXSW?!), and last but definitely not least, Jaded Incorporated (if you don’t know, Jaded Inc. is the supremely talented Mayer Hawthorne with musical cohort 14KT), “The Big Knock” preorder. Big day, right? Well what are you waiting for–go get ’em!:


Sage The Gemini, “Remember Me”


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The Colourist, “The Colourist”


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Martin Garrix, “Wizard Remixes” (Pt. 1)

martin garrix
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John Newman, “Love Me Again Remixes”

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The Secret Sisters, “Put Your Needle Down” preorder (*Get 3 instant song DLs when you preorder!)
New instant DL, “Dirty Lie”:

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Until The Ribbon Breaks, “The Other Ones” EP

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Jaded Incorporated, “The Big Knock” album preorder
(Get the track “Coconut Sofa” instantly when you preorder! Listen below…)

jaded inc
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