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Fanther Fridayz! 11/19/10

clock November 19, 2010
Fanther Fridayz! 11/19/10

Would you like to be a featured Fanther?

Every Thursday be on the look-out for our Fanther Fridayz! Facebook post. Once you see it, comment on it! It’s that fuggin simple. One bitchin’ fanther will be selected at random from the comments and will be featured.

On with the show ¦Meet Annabelle

1. Name, age and where ya from?
Annabelle, 22, Seattle

2. Second favorite heavy metal band?
Def Leppard

3. Favorite Steel Panther song?
Community Property

4. If you could name the next Steel Panther album, what would you name it?
Danger Kitty

5. Your most memorable Heavy Metal moment?
Being on stage with Steel Panther at the Showbox Market!

6. If you could tell/ask Steel Panther one thing, what would it be?
Got any blow?

7. Which member is half Mexican?
Satchel, because its stereotypical.

8. Which member has the biggest cock?
Michael Starr because I could see it thru his spandex.

9. What is Michael’s natural hair color?


10. Whose girlfriend was “Fat Girl” written about?
Stixx, because he likes fat girls.

Quantity over quality for Stix. Thanks, Annabelle…Hot name by the way…

And if you would like to be feature here, just comment on the Fanther Fridayz! Facebook post every Thursday!

Stay bitchin’!

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