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Fan Fare: The Royal Concept “On Our Way” Design Entries

clock January 4, 2014
Fan Fare: The Royal Concept “On Our Way” Design Entries

Today’s fan fare is of the design fame. As you know, Creative Allies host some awesome design contests for fans of Republic artists… One of the current contests is for The Royal Concept, where design-y and imaginative fans create original art using lyrics from “On Our Way”, not only for fame but for a substantial fortune of 500 bux! There have been a good lot of entries–here are some really lovely ones for you to check out and get inspired!

Paula-Designby Paula Design


chloe woodsby Chloe Woods


pixel-pusherby Pixel Pusher


poyoby poyo


rachhby rachh



the-jig-is-upby the jig is up


Mattias Sahlénby Mattias Sahlén


JasonMurphyby Jason Murphy


berryby berry


Mathilda Kindeby Mathilda Kinde


Kelsey Ransonby Kelsey Ranson


ErinCeconiby Erin Ceconi


Now that you’re nice and inspired, get crackin’ on making your entry and submit it here by 1/9/14 at 11:59 pm PDT!

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