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Everything’s Right on a radio near you!

clock June 30, 2009
Everything’s Right on a radio near you!
Summer Sun is right. It’s muggier than the shelves at a coffee shop right now. does that work? That might have been a stretch. The windows of my house were literally covered in condensation yesterday, and I’m quickly remembering what summers in Tennessee are like.
I’ve been home now since mid-April, enjoying getting to function as a semi-normal human for awhile, whatever that means. We’re in the process of trying to get Everything’s Right played on the radio right now, and we’re having some decent luck in some places- places like Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, San Francisco, etc, etc. Still working on Chicago– Chicago, are you out there? We should all plan on calling the station in Chicago at a certain time one of these days and just jam up their lines for a couple hours and see if we can somehow convince them that Everything’s Right is exactly what the American public wants to hear right now. I mean, THINK ABOUT IT: we are totally escapists- we don’t want to live in the reality of what is ACTUALLY going on- and, since everything ISN’T right in our country right now, what better diversion than to hear a song says that it IS! Ok, that’s all the ranting i’m going to do for today. But also, with some of the radio success comes visits to the stations, so I may get to see some of you out there this summer at radio events.
I got to hang out with the guys in the band Parachute the other night with Barnesie. Parachute was opening for our friend Andy Davis, who put on one of the best shows i’ve heard out of my friends in a long time. He’s a keeper, that Andy Davis.
And did any of you see Miley Cyrus’s playlist? I’m on there! http://twitter.com/mileycyrus/status/2249852502
More to come from homebase (not the D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince album from back in the day…)
– Wertz

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