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Drake on the cover of GQ

clock June 18, 2013
Drake on the cover of GQ

I’ve been dreading this moment, the ritualistic playing of the new album for the magazine writer. What if I don’t like it? I’m not going to fake it. Both Drake and 40 are looking at me now, curious. I hold up my arm, and thankfully my arm doesn’t lie: goose bumps. Drake’s face breaks into a smile, and he says, “Ah, man, I didn’t expect that—but for you to hear the emotion in it is amazing to me. This is my fucking moment to say if I wanted to rap all the time, really rap, I would, but I also love to make music. I’ll do this for you right now. But it’s for me, too. It’s my story.”

Drake is on the July cover of GQ Magazine. Read that story here.

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