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Holy S#!t This Is Cool! See What Manchester Orchestra Is Up To With COPE…

clock March 28, 2014
Holy S#!t This Is Cool! See What Manchester Orchestra Is Up To With COPE…

We know you guys are COPE-ing (sorry, couldn’t resist) with the fact that you still have to wait almost a week for Manchester Orchestra‘s new album COPE (preorder it now, right here!) but they have some really, really rad stuff going on that gets you in the MO mood…

Firstly, a little publication you may or may not have heard of called SPIN is streaming their ‘Unrelenting and Unapologetic’ new album ‘Cope’ right now, so GET LISTENING HERE!

Next, watch the making of what’s sure to be your new favorite record, “COPE”:


Ok guys, now this is so awesome…
Head to cope.themanchesterorchestra.com to answer a simple question: HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? Choose whatever feeling you got going on and the page will match the perfect song and imagery to match your current emotional state. It’s like a Manchester Orchestra therapy session, but with beautifully awesome music and visuals to blast instead of a spectacle-wearing, stuffy therapist writing on a notepad!



Now if you haven’t seen this, you’re missing out… The dudes have also started “Magic Moments with Manchester Orchestra”– an intimate hangout with the band being hilarious and amazing. Watch Vol. 1 right here:


“Magic Moments” Volume 2:


And for good measure, here’s the official video for “Top Notch” that we all love:

How can you not love these creative geniuses?! Enjoy all of it, and we’ll see you in cyberspace when we’re all DLing COPE next Tuesday 4/1 and calling in sick to work to play it on repeat all freakin’ day.

Get the album right now right here. Here’s the tracklist:

1. “Top Notch”
2. “Choose You”
3. “Girl Harbor”
4. “The Mansion”
5. “The Ocean”
6. “Every Stone”
7. “All That I Really Wanted”
8. “Trees”
9. “Indentions”
10. “See It Again”
11. “Cope”

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