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Concert Review: Colbie Caillat performs at House of Blues

clock December 10, 2008
Concert Review: Colbie Caillat performs at House of Blues

One of the more fascinating pop music archetypes is that of the young female star: She starts out as a Sweet Young Thing (and not necessarily in the arena of music) and morphs into anything from troubled train wreck (see: Spears, Britney) to disciplined, even icy, pro (see: Lavigne, Avril).

Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat drew an audience of adoring young fans to the House of Blues Monday night.
Colbie Caillat is still in the SWT phase, and an example of a completely new industry creature: Hers is one of the more notable examples of a pop career forged in the furnaces of MySpace, which powered a groundswell that brought her, in something like two years, a major label debut (last year’s Coco) and to the House of Blues on Monday night.

Those who would turn up their noses at such prosaic origins do so at their own peril: Since she first came to the attention of music fans, she has worked with artists as diverse as Jason Mraz and Juanes and had significant success in Europe and South America.

Or you could focus on the fact that the HOB was comfortably filled with fans,heavy on young women (and to a lesser degree, their parents), who greeted every cue with adoring screams.

Ms. Caillat is something of a legacy pop star, being the daughter of SoCal producer and engineer Ken Caillat, best known for his work with Fleetwood Mac (Rumours and Tusk, among others).

As songs like the hit “Realize” made plain, she’s inherited quite a bit of that era’s sensibilities: slickly presented songs of love, longing and loss that slide seductively into the consciousness.

Ranging from gentle heartbreak (“Oxygen”) to more upbeat numbers (“Something Special”), Ms. Caillat, an appealing if not especially dynamic front person, certainly seemed to make her path so far seem worthwhile. Now if she can only do the same for her future.

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