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Colbie Caillat Has ‘Breakthrough’ on Album

clock July 11, 2009
Colbie Caillat Has ‘Breakthrough’ on Album
Colbie Caillat

Andrew Southam

Colbie Caillat
launched to stardom with her first MySpace and then global hit,
‘Bubbly.’ Now, the singer-songwriter is gearing up to release her
second album, ‘Breakthrough,’ which finds Caillat, in her words,
letting go of insecurities and taking risks in her life. Caillat spoke
with PopEater about the new album, what she thinks of being a cartoon
and a little row she had with a German prostitute.
Why did you title the new album ‘Breakthrough’?
titled my album ‘Breakthrough’ because I had a breakthrough. All my
life I have had really bad stage fright and had been fighting with my
insecurities that I had gained over the years from when I was a little
girl. They were distracting me from living my life to the fullest and
enjoying my career that was at my fingertips. So I decided to
breakthrough all of those barricades I built around myself, take
chances, accept new challenges and risks everyday, and not take myself
to seriously anymore. I wanted to send this message out to all of my
fans who have been going through life settling for less and letting
their fears get in the way of their dreams.
What is your favorite song on your new album, and why?
favorite song is ‘Fearless.’ I love the production — it’s so emotional
and honest with a heartbeat behind it. Its a different style song than
I’ve ever written before and there is a great message in the lyrics. I
wrote it from someone else’s perspective: the guy whose heart I broke.
It’s about him telling me that I don’t know enough about love, and that
I need to be careful with how I use it. And that even though his heart
is broken, he will be fearless with relationships he’s in, in the
How was the writing and recording process different for this album?
started writing songs when I was on tour, then after I got home from
finishing my ‘Coco’ tour, I went to Kauai with my friends Jason Reeves,
Kara Dioguardi and Mikal Blue to write more for my record. I also wrote
with some very talented songwriters and producers from L.A. when I got
home from Kauai, which was a new experience for me. The recording
process was completely different then it was for ‘Coco.’ I worked with
five different producers, recorded at six different studios around the
L.A. area, new and amazing musicians played on my record, and I got to
spend four months recording it, which was so much fun. I got to make it
the masterpiece I knew it could be.
How did your appearance in the ‘Archie’ comic come about, and how did you react to seeing yourself as a cartoon?
I know is when I saw the drawing of me I tripped out. I thought it was
so cool. It looks exactly like me. I am honored to be in the Archie
comic book.
What’s the weirdest pronunciation you’ve ever heard of your last name?
Coby Galliatt.
You tweeted about getting punched in the head by a prostitute in Germany. Can you explain?
my guitar player Justin, my make-up artist Erika and myself, went out
of our hotel in Hamburg, Germany, to get some local dinner. The streets
were so unique looking and beautiful that I wanted to film it. On our
short walk, we met a group of guys that had a cute dog, but they were
creepy so we kept walking. I was filming our whole walk with my flip
video. Then, we were crossing the street to the restaurant that we
wanted to eat at, and on the corner there were some prostitutes just
hangin’ around on the sidewalk. They saw me with my flip cam, walked up
to us while they were yelling something in German, and then one of the
chicks socked me in the side of the head. Erika and I immediately
walked away, and Justin stayed there for a minute trying to calm them
down. Then we all got outa there, laughed about it, found a new place
to have dinner and then I tweeted to the world about what happened to
me. We live and we learn…
Check out the ‘Breakthrough’ album art and track list below:

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Colbie Caillat


1. I Won’t
2. Begin Again
3. You Got Me
4. Fallin’ for You
5. Rainbow
6. Droplets
7. I Never Told You
8. Fearless
9. Runnin’ Around
10. It Stops Today
11. Break Through
12. Breakin’ At The Cracks

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