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Colbie Caillat And Archie To Perform �â�€�˜Fallin�â�€�™ For You�â�€�™ Duet In �â�€�˜Veronica�â�€�™ Comic Book

clock July 8, 2009
Colbie Caillat And Archie To Perform �â�€�˜Fallin�â�€�™ For You�â�€�™ Duet In �â�€�˜Veronica�â�€�™ Comic Book

Veronica 196 & Colbie CaillatFrom
Kiss�â�€�™ �â�€�œHoward the Duck�â�€� cameo to The Beatles�â�€�™ appearance in Dr.
Strange�â�€�™s �â�€�œStrange Tales,�â�€� more than a few musicians have popped up in
comics. However, Colbie Caillat�â�€�™s guest role in �â�€�œVeronica�â�€� #196 this
September may be the first time a real-life pop star crosses over with
comic book icon Archie to perform a word-balloon duet.

upcoming release, �â�€�œBreakthrough,�â�€� drops just one week ahead of her
comic book appearance, making her concert in Archie�â�€�™s fictional
hometown of Riverdale a timely event. The concert-centric issue sees
Veronica miffed at her best friend Betty, who wins tickets to the show
and opts to take their mutual love interest, Archie. This leads to a
fateful encounter with Caillat and a chance for the artist to perform
her latest single, �â�€�œFallin�â�€�™ For You�â�€� in a duet with Archie Comics�â�€�™
leading man.

�â�€�œMixing it up with
Archie, Veronica, and Betty and the gang is absolutely one of the
highlights of my career,�â�€� said Caillat in an official press release.

this isn�â�€�™t the first time Archie Andrews has shared his vocal talents
with the world, excluding a 2008 Christmas album, it�â�€�™s been nearly 40
years since a studio band posing as Archie characters crooned �â�€�œSugar,
Sugar�â�€� in the appropriately named rock outfit, The Archies.

contrast to Archie�â�€�™s success in the late �â�€�™60s and early �â�€�™70s, Caillat�â�€�™s
musical career has been more rooted in the present day with social
media sites like MySpace attributed to the platinum success of her 2007
album �â�€�œCOCO.�â�€�

With Archie slated to ask for Veronica�â�€�™s hand in
marriage soon, now might be a good time for the red head to work
celebrity crushes out of his system. Of course, since that proposal
storyline takes place in an alternative timeline, it could be a while
until the ageless Archie drops the duet routine.

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