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Cimorelli Shows Off Their Style On Pop Crush

clock June 29, 2013
Cimorelli Shows Off Their Style On Pop Crush

The all-American sisters known as Cimorelli recently let PopCrush peek inside their purses, showing us and all of their fans their absolute must-haves for when they’re on the move. Sisters Lauren, Christina, Katherine, Amy, Dani and Lisa spilled the contents of their bags, and while each of the girls carry typical beauty essentials like lip balm and music necessities (like iPods and headphones), there are a few unique items inside each of their spectacular purses that reveal a bit more about them as individuals.


Here’s a sneak peek at Dani’s purse. Read the full article at PopCrush to see what must-haves the other Cimorelli sisters carry with them.

What¹s Inside Dani’s Purse?

I just got a new purse for my birthday, and I love how spacious it is!

1. I have my wallet, which is really old [Laughs].
2. Reading glasses, just in case I need to read a book or something.
3. Lip balm and lip gloss because I hate dry lips.
4. Emergency earrings.
5. My Invisalign case so I can take out my Invisalign when I¹m eating.
6. My ³shoulder buddy,² which I got for my birthday. I think it¹s hilarious.
7. An iPod cord, even though my iPod is broken [Laughs].
8. Deodorant, just in case.
9. Headphones if I wanna listen to music.
10. And glasses cleaner, which is pretty self-explanatory.

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