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Catch Up on Lorde’s Recent Performances

clock August 9, 2013
Catch Up on Lorde’s Recent Performances

Lorde recently made her U.S. debut at Le Poisson Rouge In New York City.

“Pretty soon, I’ll be getting on my first plane,” goes the opening of the second verse in “Tennis Court,” Lorde’s biting ode to the trappings of fame. Billboard.com says, “Lorde is many things, but above all, she is unflappable. The rising Lava/Republic artist introduced her collection of immaculately drawn pop compositions on Tuesday night with a confidence and demeanor well beyond her years, only allowing the disposition of a sunny 16-year-old to show up in the corners of the performance. Throughout the set, which drew from her “The Love Club” EP and introduced a handful of new songs, Lorde staggered across the stage, fluttered her hands toward the ceiling during melismas and made “sleepy-eyed smirk” look like a trademarked expression.”


TheMoodofMusic.com says, The energy in the room was electric as soon as Lorde took the stage, kicking off with the fitting “Bravado” off her debut EP. “I want the applause the approval the things that make me go oh” Lorde crooned as the crowd went wild. Under the gloss and production of her studio tracks, Lorde truly is a talented vocalist who can one-hundred percent hold her own. She sounded just like the record. One of the night’s highlights was Lorde’s performance of “Tennis Court,” the New Zealand follow-up to “Royals.” With a lion’s mane for her hair, the 16-year-old prowled around the stage as she breezed through the grimy track and the audience sang to every word.”


For those doubting the singer’s ability to craft a track that measures up with monster singles like “Royals” or “Tennis Court,” brace yourselves. Because if the live versions are any indication, we are all in for a real treat when we get Lorde’s debut album next month. Of the new tracks, “Still Sane” and “Ribs” were instant favorites. In “Still Sane,” Lorde sings of dealing with her newfound and rapidly growing fame. With a hook in which the singer beckons “I’m little but I’m coming for the title,” we get a special snapshot of the singer on her catastrophic rise to fame. “Ribs” is a bit of a sonic departure for the singer, as the track features a pulsing dance beat underneath Lorde’s vocals. The crowd erupted as the singer delivered the top-notch chorus with such conviction, singing lyrics like “I’ve never felt more alone. I feel so scared of getting old.”

WATCH: Lorde performs “Royals” and “Tennis Court” live:

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