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Black Veil Brides: 7 Things You Need to Know about “Wretched and Divine”

clock January 16, 2013
Black Veil Brides: 7 Things You Need to Know about “Wretched and Divine”

Black Veil Brides doled these tidbits out in the weeks approaching the release of Wretched and Divine. We’ve pulled ’em all together in one place!

#1: “It was a natural progression [to make a movie]. It was the story of all of our lives metaphorically. We needed the visuals as well and it all goes together. It’s pretty epic. It’s the story of each of our lives, in the sense of here we are, this band of five rebels, and we’re in this world overrun by this force that is controlling all of mankind and we’re the five rebels breaking free of that.” ~Jinxx

#2: “I was able to showcase something I haven’t been able to in the past – I’m a string player and I’m into orchestrating. I was able to score string sections, violins, cello and all of that. To me it felt like I was scoring a movie soundtrack and in the end we did make a movie to go with the record! I’m really proud of what we’ve done.” ~Jinxx

#3: “In The End was put out as the single and that is pretty epic in itself. It’s got it all – strings, shredding guitars and we just put our all into that. That is just a precursor for what people are going to hear for the rest of the record. It’s that big sound, big chorus, singalongs and we pulled out all of the stops, it showcases everything that we can do.”

#4: “That enabled us to get all of the guitar work done while they were doing vocals in the studio, so we could multi task. I did most of the orchestration in my home studio and did a lot of strings while Jake was doing guitar at his studio and they were doing vocals. We were able to get a lot done in two months. I think most people would spend six months to a year doing the amount of work we did.”

#5: “The one thing we never want to be is boring. We don’t aim to shock, but the album just grew and we’re growing, it’s a process. It’s years that we’ve been making music together and we always want to outdo ourselves and grow as artists. This record, to us, is just a statement of, ‘This is our best piece of art that we’ve made to date.” ~Jinxx

#6: “I think a lot of bands do that and that’s why they end up putting out the same record twice, they isolate themselves in one genre. We’ve never considered ourselves as a genre band. People like to polarise us and say we’re this or that and we’re like, ‘No, we have many different influences from wide sources.’ One of us might want Bach and the other is really into brutal metal. Out influences are so wide. You can’t say we’re one thing or another.” ~Jinxx

#7: “We’ve taken a different approach on this record. We wanted to do something much bigger. We wanted a concept record and to tell a story. In the past we’ve written the music and Jake [guitar] and I would sit down and write the music and demo it, then Andy [vocals] would write lyrics. This process was a little different, we had the story pretty much written then we wrote music to the storyline. It was like we were writing an opera to libretto. It turned out like a rock opera” ~ Jinxx


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