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BIG NEWS: John Varvatos and Republic Records Team Up To Launch John Varvatos Records

clock February 18, 2014
BIG NEWS: John Varvatos and Republic Records Team Up To Launch John Varvatos Records

We are pleased and proud to announce that Republic Records has joined forces with renowned fashion designer John Varvatos to formally launch JOHN VARVATOS RECORDS in 2014.

Varvatos will personally serve as the curator and president of the label, spearheading the signing of new acts and the release of high-profile reissues and compilations. The imprint’s focus is genuine music in the spirit of legends.  This stands out as a revolutionary collaboration, co-mingling two distinct brands under one common banner with a united goal of releasing timeless records.

Republic Records Label founder, chairman, and chief executive officer Monte Lipman says, “John Varvatos is one of the most iconic and important brands in fashion. When Charlie Walk brought this deal to our attention, I felt it instantly exemplified the ethos our company was founded upon. We look forward to embarking on a new journey with one of fashion’s foremost figures.”

Our label executive VP Charlie Walk shares his enthusiasm. “John is the only fashion icon I know who has music imbedded into his brand. His appreciation for music along with his incredible taste and texture makes him the perfect partner where music and fashion collide in the truest sense.”

“Music has always been my big passion and an energy force in my life. As a result, my brand is deeply rooted in it as well. The connection between fashion and music is undeniable and symbiotic. In Republic Records, I have found the perfect partner to create a new music platform. Their success stands unparalleled when it comes to finding and nurturing new talent.” -John Varvatos

Exciting, right?! This year is going to be huge. Keep an eye out for monumental releases from this fresh creative powerhouse, John Varvatos Records.


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