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What They’re Saying About: Baby Bee

clock June 28, 2013
What They’re Saying About: Baby Bee

Evigshed Mag calls Baby Bee‘s newest EP, The Shaker a collection of frenzied pure Rock N Roll that tears up everything in its path.

“Baby Bee defies existing rock music formulas and brings the authentic Rock N Roll back to life with a new twist. Their music is a perfect blend of Queens of Stone Age, Green Day and 50s that strikes immediately. Refreshing vibe, both raw and heavy for the rock scene that should surprise you in its entirety. The guitar work is impressive too. Sure, it changes a lot from of current music on active radios.”

PureGrainAudio.com adds, ” It’s an enigmatic sound that owes as much to Cleveland Crochet as it does to Queens of the Stone Age. That style comes to life on ‘High Heel Leather Boots.’ A hyper kinetic riff rides at full speed forward locked into the propulsive drum stomp. You’re going to want to ‘kick it like heel leather boots’ the second you hear it.”

WATCH: Baby Bee – High Heel Leather Boots [Live]

Download High Heel Leather Boots from the debut EP The Shaker, out now.

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