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Austin Mahone: J-14 contest & Tokyo arrival

clock May 30, 2013
Austin Mahone: J-14 contest & Tokyo arrival

Want to Have Lunch With Austin Mahone? Here’s Your Chance! Austin will be at the Today Show Plaza in NYC on June 10 performing his new single “What About Love” for the first time ever. As if that isn’t exciting enough, the singer is going to take 200 of his fans to lunch after the show!

To get picked, all you have to do is make a crazy awesome Mahomie sign that shows off your love for the singer. Then, show up at the Today Show Plaza at 6:30am and display your creation with pride!

Austin will choose the fans with the best, most outrageous signs as his lunch dates. Your friends seriously won’t believe you when you tell them why you were late for school!

Can’t get enough Austin Mahone? Check him out his arrival in Tokyo last night. Over 100 of his Mahomies were at the airport to welcome him to Japan.  Mezamashi, the country’s #1 morning show, was there to capture the excitement.

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