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    About Washington

    Ok, so what is it about Washington.

    She weighs half as much as her keyboard but she could punch out your Dad.

    Yes, she is a female singer songwriter...but she's not shy and retreating or cute. BUT: she's not 1- ton sof slut in a mini skirt and nipple tape belly dancing on a crucifix.

    She's addicted to Facebook but not like your best friend Tenille.

    Her voice will stop you in your tracks. It brings grown men to tears on live television (seriously). It soars, then falters, then soars again and it is full of sorrow even when it is full of joy (soft, broken, soaring, sorrow, spitting, sneering, smiling etc etc etc). And she can dance.

    She grew up in Papua New Guinea so she is a wild girl that knows which tree has water in its trunk, but she speaks French and wears touture even though she can't afford groceries.

    She made a record called "I Believe You Liar" and it's not like other records. It's better and it's hard to tell why exactly.

    They're all pop songs but not like you think. They are really, REALLY wordy twisty complicated key changing songs of bitches that you'd have to go to music school for 6 years to play (she did!) but after they're done you can remember every chorus and every hook, and on the second listen you may be able to sing back most of the words.

    They are mostly about love and how love can make you feel any other emotion.

    She calls them sonic polaroids. That's a little pretentious but you know what she means.

    "I knew as soon as I heard Megan choosing not to rhyme 'Clementine' with 'wine' that here was someone unpredictable. Australia, you have a new and original troubadour to lift your spirits and warm your hearts." Tim Finn

    You can't compare to anything but if you do then UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES group this with any current 'movement' of girl singer songwriters. She's lik ea rock and roll band, but not. She's kind of like Elvis Costello. She's kind of like Cyndi Lauper. She's kind of like Motown stuff. She's kind of like Phoenix. She's kind of like Tom Waits. She's like NEW like NEVER BEFORE but...

    ...but not.

    Washington is the physical manifestation of all these seemingly diametrically opposed forces. Somehow these forces have not yet created a black hole that envelops the universe. They instead created songs and a voice that in one short year have put her in every Australian home on the cover of a magazine, or on the television, or round and round in your head when you're taking a shower.

    It's possessed musical royalty (and I won't say exactly who but it's pretty impressive) and anyone else you can think of. These folks just pick up the phone and invite her for a drink but she'll only come if they're drinking Hendricks. She was Triple J Unearthed. She's the Vanda and Young Song Writing Competition. She's and APRA Ambassador. She's already touring the US and the UK and she hasn't even gotten an album out yet. But she will mometarily, so please be patient - the artwork isn't quite done.

    "I was asked to write a song for a play and talked about hte idea to Megan. A week later she sent me a tune and some words that knocked me sideways. When I'd picked myself up I suggested some edits and added a few more words. Then she sang the song into a tape recorder at my place. The play people were very happy. And I was amazed. The music just pours out of her. I hope we write some more songs togehter. All I need to do is bring hte jug and make the tea." Paul Kelly

    Get it?

    Look at the evidence. Clearly there is something about this woman.

    The question you've got to ask yourself is (and remember this is a focus question so I'll make it a little bigger to signify its importance)

    WHAT IS IT ABOUT WASHINGTON? Hwo can I understand all this?

    The answer is:

    There is nothing else like her.

    Just accept it,

    She's something else.

    "Megan's record is very good, and we're very proud of her" Megan's Mum

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