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The Cab

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The Cab

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    About The Cab

    The Cab always have room for their fans. They've invited countless listeners worldwide on their journey since day one, and that audience has obliged. The Las Vegas-born and Los Angeles-based musicians—Alexander DeLeon [lead vocals], Joey Thunder [bass], and Dave Briggs [drums]—continually deliver too.

    After splitting with their label, they released 2011’s Symphony Soldier independently, and it became their biggest success to date, debuting in the Top 10 of the iTunes Overall Top Albums Chart. Unanimous critical acclaim abounded with proclaiming it to be “a masterpiece” and Alternative Press bestowing a 4-out-of-5 star rating on the set. It also boasted collaborations with Adam Levine and Bruno Mars as well. Through tours with everybody from Avril Lavigne to Maroon 5, The Cab built a diehard fan base across the globe—which included staff of Republic Records who signed the group in 2013.

    “They believed in the music and wanted to be a part of it,” says DeLeon. “We’re going to win together.”

    During 2013, DeLeon penned music with producers including Simon Katz of Youngblood Hawke, Steve Mac, CJ Baran, and Johnny Coffer. The resulting Lock Me Up EP and forthcoming third full-length album vividly reflect the band’s next evolution.

    “I really wanted us to carve our own niche,” affirms DeLeon. “That was the most important thing. We had to do something that sounded like The Cab and not like other bands. The EP is a little dark. It’s got a lot of vibe, guitars, and edge. We still kept the R&B influence, but it’s pretty rock ‘n’ roll. It has its own identity. You’ll hear that in everything we do.”

    That identity shines on the EP’s title track and first single. An unshakable groove reverberates alongside a simmering beat just before breaking into an anthemic chant steeped in rock bombast and R&B bounce.
    “That’s a statement song,” he continues. “It’s stomp-y, and it represents the band very well. We’ve always looked at our fans as family. They’re just as much a part of the band as we are. They can sing along to this one. Lyrically, it’s about being held down by love. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. It depends on what the person is asking for.”

    On the other end of the spectrum, “Stand Up” tempers infectious attitude with a distinctly West Coast hip-hop shake undoubtedly informed by their time in Los Angeles. DeLeon reveals, “It represents the battle we’ve been going through over the past three years being independent artists and having fights with other record labels. I wrote it almost as a reminder to myself and I knew everyone else could relate to. I would say ‘Stand Up’ hits home.”

    First teased through Instagram with no formal announcement or setup, the group unveiled Lock Me Up as a surprise EP for fans on "Cab Day" April 29, 2014. For the uninitiated, "Cab Day" is a holiday actually created by the band's fans. When The Cab first split from their label and released Whisper War, their audience came up with "Cab Day" to support them. Now, the group is providing them with a musical surprise on the sixth anniversary of that day.

    Ultimately, everything comes down to that audience as The Cab rides forward with them.

    “As an artist you want to make people feel something, that’s the goal” DeLeon concludes. “Of course you want them to enjoy it, but for us it’s all about inspiring feeling. Our fans aren’t apart of this story, they are this story. We’re all on this journey together. This is our time.”

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