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    About Rhye

    Who is Rhye?

    “a warm croon wrapped in an enigma. “(New York Times)

    Who is Rhye "

    ...full-blooded heat, evoking what would happen if Sade met a caffeinated Air, a sublime voice floating easily on a ballast of clever instrumental touches." (Pitchfork)

    What is Rhye?

    "gentle strings and dancing harp lines, uncomplicatedly sweet" -
    (The Fader)

    What is Rhye?

    Woman is "shaping up to be one of the albums of the year" The London Sunday Times

    What is Rhye?

    " direct, striking love songs that sound like classics the instant you hear them." (Dummy)

    What is Rhye?
    “gentle, bedroom disco" (Fact)

    Who is Rhye?
    “Open “is a heartfelt love letter tucked tenderly into a make out mix”. (NPR)

    What is Rhye?
    “Feverishly romantic” (Slate).

    When is Rhye?

    The single "Open” out now .The full cd Woman –March 5th

    Rhye; all questions answered. All senses satisfied.

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