Set to appear on No/Me’s upcoming debut EP, “Consistent” unfolds in dark guitar tones and kaleidoscopic rhythms partly sculpted through her use of Middle Eastern percussion (such as the darbuka, a hand drum performed by her older brother). No/Me reveals a raw but poetic sensibility in her lyrics closely shaped by her upbringing.

“Unlike most parents who sing their kids to sleep with lullabies, my father sang Joni Mitchell songs to me,” she says. Later, in high school, No/Me’s English teacher introduced her to The Shins, whose intricate lyricism she spent hours deconstructing. At that time, she hadn’t begun songwriting, so she channeled her passion for music into homework assignments, comparing The Great Gatsby to “The Bends” by Radiohead, “I’d go off on that for ten pages,” she recalls.

As she gears up for the release of her debut EP, No/Me is dreaming up a live show that is inspired by the elaborate setups she’s witnessed at concerts in Israel. While her stage name is her Hebrew name, it is also meant to signify the transparent nature of her songwriting. No/Me aims to spark that change on the most personal level.

“My songs are like journal entries. They make me embrace parts of myself that are often hard to face, but also help me stop curating the facade that people would prefer to see. I hope this helps others embrace who they really are,” says No/Me.