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About Maluca

Maluca Mala was raised in Washington heights and the East Village, with what she refers to as the quintessential New York experience- an extended Dominican family where the neighborhood raised her. The name Maluca in Spanish is a derivative of Mala which means bad or mean girl. In Portuguese Maluca means a crazy or mischievous girl.

Raised on a steady diet of mambo, bachata, and other Latin sounds (not to mention a healthy dose of ’90s hip-hop, freestyle, techno/rave and downtown club music), Maluca Mala has drawn comparisons to M.I.A and Santigold. Having worked with the likes of Diplo, Bangladesh, the Cataracs and more…Maluca and her music ignore traditional boundaries and drag Latin music out of the so-called “world music” doldrums. Mala performs a mix of what she calls “ghetto - tech / world music goes a rave”.

A style icon in her own right, Maluca is fearless in her pursuit of self-expression. Her style, much like her music, is a mix of banjee girl, neo-rave and tribal. It’s in the way that Maluca easily pulls off anything boisterous, like a bold Joanne Berman suit, printed with the charts from the stock market crash, or a headband that flashes pink- you can see her strength. For a long time, Maluca reveals, she lived in fear, but now she says, “I look fear in the eye and then I eat it’s face off.”

Maluca is on the current cover of 10 magazine for the music issue, has shot V magazine and with photographers like Terry Richardson. She is due to release her new music in summer 2013.

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