Maja Kristina

“I don’t hold back, I don’t think of what I do as glossy pop. There’s an edge to it with lyrics that actually say and mean something. I talk about my life, what I feel, and hopefully present something you can see yourself in. I’m a big part of creating everything. This is all me.”

Responding to popular music desperate desire for a real voice in 2019, Maja Kristina stepped up and has delivered without sugarcoating a single word.

Quietly amassing 5 million total streams with her first single “No Fake Love” in a few months’ time, landing a deal with Republic Records in 2018, and turning heads on both sides of the pond, the 21-year-old Swedish songstress cultivated a sound with honest lyrics, personal songwriting and hypnotic hooks.

As a child, music instantly called to Maja growing up in Stockholm. Her dad worked as an in-demand songwriter, and her world was surrounded by lyrics. She remembers writing her first song “about a farm” at only seven years old and picking up a guitar and piano very early on.

Inspired by everything from The Beatles and The Who to Labrinth, she hunkered down at music school and continued to work on song ideas of her own.

By 17-years-old, she landed her first management deal and continued to create. One of her demos made its way to Republic Records as a potential cut for Felix Jaehn—however, her voice suited it best. Released as her proper debut, the introductory single, “No Fake Love,” clocked nearly 5 million Spotify streams and playlists across the globe. Under the watch and wisdom of Rami Yacoub at Max Martin’s MXM, she honed this signature style further throughout the ensuing year.

Up next is her 2019 single “Idiot.” Co-written by Maja, the song builds towards a clever and catchy chant rife with confessional lyrics detailing a love gone wrong and off the rails.

“It’s about a relationship I was in that was very destructive,” she admits. “I became codependent on the negative affection I got. He confirmed what I thought of myself at the moment though. I eventually recognized and realized there was nothing wrong with me; I was just dating an idiot. That’s fine, if you are, but you need to love yourself more than that and say, ‘Enough is enough. I deserve better’.”

As she prepares her debut EP for 2020, Maja has a lot to say: “When you listen to me, I just want you to feel something. It could be you walk away empowered, heartbroken, angry, or absolutely euphoric. Life is like that. I’m just showing what really happens. Interpret it however is true to you. That’s what music is meant to do.”