J-Soul doesn’t shy away from darkness.  In fact, the Toronto R&B singer and songwriter transforms struggle and strife into deep, dynamic, and diverse music that’s both hypnotic and heartbreaking. Most importantly, he’s lived every lyric.

Underneath Toronto’s skyscraper canopy, he couldn’t even claim a home address in the middle of 2015. Six months later his world changed when co-CEO’s and brothers Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams and Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams signed him at the top of 2016 to Cash Money Records.

Of Jamaican descent and Canadian-born, J-Soul fell in love with music at the early age of 10. He began spending all of his free time at a local community centers making and performing songs with friends. Finding inspiration in the likes of Justin Bieber, Drake, and Wiz Khalifa, he quietly began honing his own poignant style, while carving out a fan base in his city post-high school. By late 2015, his appropriately dubbed, ‘Sad Soul’ sound had stirred up a palpable regional buzz.

 “I call it ‘Sad Soul,’ because I want my music to touch souls,” says J-Soul. “I only sing about my experiences. My songs speak to that. I put everything on the line to make my music. I’d never left Toronto until Slim called. I realized if you’re real, you can make something happen. This is a dream come true. I honestly still can’t believe it.”

After a fan landed the music onto Cash Money’s radar Slim and Birdman personally reached out to J-Soul off the strength of his striking underground nocturnal anthems.   Getting his passport and boarding a plane for the very first time in his life, he flew down to Miami to make it official.

The news of his signing ignited a surge of excitement amongst tastemakers from WorldstarHipHop to HotNewHipHop. Virtually an unknown from outside of Toronto, J-Soul started to turn heads in a big way. Now, it’s his message that will keep fans hypnotized forever as he ushers R&B into the future.

“When the world hears my music and sees my videos, I want them to realize there is a way out of whatever you’re dealing with,” he leaves off. “I’m always going to be explicit in terms of what I’ve lived because I know things get better. So, if you went through something, share it with the world. It will help someone. I’m blessed because I did that and now I get to take care of my family.”

J-Soul’s songs illuminate every step of the journey from the darkness into the light—and everything in between.