Hudson Thames


Like the Snapchat era’s answer to “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski, Hudson Thames is a man of his time…


Beyond the myriad of Los Angeles misadventures and stats—miles of Spotify plays and IMDb credits—he’s always somehow in the mix. Hudson is also one of the few people you’ve ever heard of (outside of Metallica) who has visited Antarctica. That trip to Earth’s final frontier above sea level would strangely exert an influence on the 2017 single “L.A. Models.”


“I had a quarter-life crisis,” he admits. “I did some soul searching and traveled around the world. To get to Antarctica you fly from Chile. I shaved all of my hair off in The Bathroom of a Chilean Airport, got on this military grade jet, and spent two weeks on a boat that could break glaciers floating around Antarctica. It’s basically a giant piece of ice controlled by scientists. There’s no government or anything. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I began writing on the ship.”


That brings us to “L.A. Models.” It might as well be the anti-“Royals.” As much as it offers a tongue-in-cheek riff on Los Angeles decadence, it simultaneously celebrates the wild nights that make for juicy True Hollywood Stories and NSFW Instagram stories. Harking back to the Mississippi blues influence of his old man, Hudson belts with soulful swagger over a post-Kanye wall of production.


He croons, “She started Sunday drinking rose with her homies at The Nice Guy, ended up with Leo at the Chateau doing white lines” before the hook, “I don’t know but baby I’ve been told, these L.A. models gonna steal my soul.”


“It’s all true, which is insane,” he laughs. “It’s an amalgamation of various nights flipped into one. At 15-years-old, I would sneak out into my backyard—which just so happened to be Hollywood. I’d end up hanging with all these crazy model types and getting burned. I’d repeat the cycle even though I knew it wasn’t the most healthy thing in the world. I’m bringing a little light into a crazy chapter of my life. I wanted it to feel reminiscent of the old blues songs I would listen to as a kid with a chanty blues hook, ‘I don’t know but I’ve been told’. It’s a warning if you will…”


“L.A. Models” sees Hudson totally unchained. In 2015, he became a quiet phenomenon with his Lip Tricks EP. Its lead single “How I Want Ya” [feat. Hailee Steinfeld] racked up 20 million Spotify streams, while the Dawin remix is approaching 20 million. He packed houses on his first national tour as “Our Song” put numbers on the streaming board and he contributed a cut to the Sing Street Soundtrack. In addition, he launched the creative collective The Hounds.


With “L.A. Models” and more music on the horizon, Hudson remains a man of his day and quite possibly even tomorrow.