gianni & kyle

Hailing from Annapolis, Maryland, gianni & kyle are a pop/rap duo made up of ​Gianni DiBernardo andKyle Devore.The​ guys first met freshman year of high school when they sat next to each other in class.However, they didn’t actually become friends until their senior year. At the time Kyle was rapping andproducing on his own and came across Gianni’s music and decided to reach out. They reconnected andbegan creating music together. They later signed with hardpink records, an indie record label based inLos Angeles. After Gianni graduated college they both packed their bags and relocated to Los Angeles topursue music full-time. Gianni & Kyle have been steadily releasing music over the last 2 years, building astrong, loyal fanbase that continues to grow rapidly with each release. On Spotify alone they havereached over 3 million monthly listeners and their biggest song to date “​do u even miss me at all?​” hasreached over 50 million streams.They released their last project ​Say it Back​​in September of 2019, the7-song collection showcases their signature blend of relatable, catchy hooks and hip-hop/popsensibilities. Look out for more music and live shows from the guys this winter!