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George Tandy, Jr.

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    About George Tandy, Jr.

    Singer, songwriter, musician, and producer extraordinaire George Tandy, Jr. has spent many priceless moments cultivating, listening and paying attention to what he feels would be a harmonious addition to the “music with a purpose scene.” George’s debut radio release "March" reached #3 on the Billboard Adult R&B Chart. "March" took the airwaves across the country by storm and was a Top 10 song at more than seventy radio stations, currently in rotation in major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, SiriusXM - Heart and Soul, as well as, The Steve Harvey Morning Show and The Tom Joyner Morning Show. The premiere of the official video for "March" had the record industry and social media buzzing with intrigue and wanting more. Team Tandy realizes, this is just a continuation of the direction that George’s music career is headed in. He embraces his reality with humility, and often reminds his supporters that “the best is yet to come!”.

    George Tandy, Jr. creates brilliant music that is rich with honesty, vulnerability and sincere emotion. He is not your typical church singing choir boy or even a classically trained vocalist or pianist, but his messages are conveyed clearly and powerfully. Among the many followers and fans across the nation, some of the most familiar comments are “his voice is hypnotizing, his talent is raw, intellectually deep, simple and straight forward, allowing us to recall the fun times that life presents, it’s pure and represents music with real meaningful purpose.” Each piece of music creates an inner journey to a time and place that is unique to the listener. Whether it is about intimacy, relationships, personal empowerment or world affairs, you will feel every moment in the song. You can call it R&B, Folk Music or even call it Jazz. Some call it Soul, with a hint of Hip Hop and note his Classical music influences. No matter what you call it, you are correct every time. George personally prefers to call his music, "Soulternative”. Regardless of genre, his sound is certainly unique and George is determined to deliver excellence in music, while continuing to connect with fans, supporters, as well as, new friends, one song at a time. He believes that music heals people. Without a doubt, people all over the world will be proudly stating, "I am TeamTandy!" once they get a taste.

    George Tandy Jr. instinctively comes alive on stage! He creates songs with a witty and introspective mind, and performs them with an electrifying charm that absolutely takes over any venue and nestles comfortably in the heart and minds of his listeners! Born into a family of artists, music lovers and entertainers, George developed a passion for entertaining. Sounds have always intrigued him, as a child you could find George listening intensely to any genre of music, attempting to pick out every instrument in the song. He was inspired early on by his father, George Tandy Sr., a well accomplished jazz musician and producer. Thru the years, George has developed the tools and confidence he needed to realize his dreams by cultivating his writing skills, his ear for melody, and his natural ability to entertain. After years of writing and recording songs with his extremely talented siblings, as well as, training, performing, competing, and touring the world as a hip hop dancer, George Tandy Jr. decided to venture out as a solo artist. Armed with only his voice and his keyboard, he takes to the stage, with a mission to capture the open hearts and minds of the audience, so that he may fill their souls. The South Florida spoken word poetry nights and "open mic" scene embraced George, providing him with an amazing canvas to manifest his art, all while gaining him thousands of dedicated Team Tandy supporters.

    In 2012, George Tandy, Jr. joined forces and combined his talent with an independent label, RedStar Entertainment (A Division of Redline Media Group) whom he considers his confidants. In late 2013, RedStar Entertainment released the debut single “March”, and garnered the respect and attention of one of the most dynamic and powerful labels in the world, Universal Music Group. In a joint effort, RedStar and Republic Universal are now preparing to launch Team Tandy around the globe. To hear George tell it, he is excited and delighted with his label arrangements and says that his dreams are being realized amidst a path of many unchartered territories. He believes that his dedication to excellence in music, impeccable work ethics and being spiritually grounded, has been major contributors to his success. However, he contends that his fans have consistently interjected positive energy into the making of his FOUNDATION as the people’s artist. With a purposeful team in place, the sky is the limit! Be on the lookout for songs from his first solo project appropriately entitled, "The Foundation".

    Make a difference and be the change you want to see in the world of music, and be a part of TeamTandy!

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