G6 Red Dot

“I used to wanna be the fastest runner on my high school football team,” rapper G6 ambitiously recalls. “So I went on Google and I typed in ‘something fast’ and the first thing that came up was a G6 plane.” From there, a star was born, or at least named. G6 has had a whirlwind of a career thus far, and he’s only getting started. As the young artist begins his road to rap stardom, he maintains a mantra of individuality and trendsetting honesty. Like his upcoming single suggests, there’s a new “Pilot,” ready to take flight.

Growing up in the Floridian pocket of Broward Country known as Deerfield Beach, life wasn’t the easiest for young G6. “It was just your average story of trying to make it out,” he says with a sigh. “Football felt like the only way to do it.” He was a born athlete, though also had a knack for the creative arts. A music lover since birth, G6 would attach the tops to McDonald’s cups to a hanger and beat on them with a straw. It was a makeshift drum kit that he devised when he was just four years old, later learning the actual drums.

By middle school he started writing rhymes, though would lean on his favorite artists’ lyrics when it came to school rap battles. “I used to actually copy other rappers’ work and recite them when I battle rapped,” he says with a laugh. “That’s a true story, forreal. I was winning the battles, if that counts.” By high school, his craft “really started developing into something,” as his skills sharpened and his own lyrics replaced others.

However, trauma hit when he lost one of his own. “I had a brother who passed in 2016,” G6 says, “I used to be a part of his crew.” Losing someone that close has a devastating effect, this adversity forced his hand to pursue greatness. “Before he died, the last thing he told me was, ‘Never get put on through somebody else’s shit. Go on and do your own thing.’” And he did just that and started actively chasing the dream.

“We were passing out CDs every day and really trying to figure out how to enter the music industry,” he recalls. From holding free shows to even paying to perform, G6 was determined to make it happen. “During  2016/17 timeframe, I felt like the music was getting better and I was preparing myself for the recognition when I got it,” he adds. By 2018, he reached a crossroads. “I had the mindset like, ‘I’ve gotta figure this out,’” he says. “I was like man if this shit don’t work in the next couple months I just gotta go get a job.”

He started uploading clips to Instagram, and it wasn’t long before traction happened. The first post yielded 70,000 views, the next 100,000, and then 200,000. A movement was building and label reps were in his DMs looking to sign him. He dropped some heat at the top of 2019 in the form of two buzz cuts “So Wrong” and “Stick,” relocated to California, and inked a deal with Republic Records. “That was one of the happiest days of my life,” he recalls. The rest is history.

G6 will roll out his first major label single “Pilot,” a track packed with gumption, as he rhymes about having anything ANYBODY needs! Self-described as “every artist you’ve ever heard, rolled into one,” G6 pulls from artists that inspire him like Trick Daddy and Drake, while creating his own unique sound. “Pilot” will be the first glimpse, as G6 readies his debut project. “I can’t wait to get in there and talk shit and let everyone know how I feel,” he expresses of his music.

While G6 is ready to take over music, his mission is much bigger. “My biggest goal is to make an impact outside of music,” he admits. “I just want the people to know that if I can do it, they can do it too.” And as a writer, producer, G6 wants to create music for all genres and artists.  He smiles as he says, “I see myself turning through the radio and hearing a song that I’ve either written, produced or performed on every station… at the same time.”