Recording and visual artist, Jared Lee, was the "different kid" known for sporting a Mohawk and skateboarding through his hometown of South Central. But don't expect a sob story of struggle and misunderstanding. He wore the title on his sleeve with pride, understood why he was misunderstood but was still respected by his peers for being exactly who he is, "Your Friendly Neighborhood, Duck". After graduating high school he ventured off to bay area's Academy of Arts where he honed his artistic talents, started rapping and became the guy who we now know as DUCKWRTH (a named derived from his mother's family name).

DUCKWRTH started developing a cult fan base by appearing on popular TeamBackPack Youtube videos and by releasing local mixtapes like "Ducktape" and "Taxfree V1". In 2015, to gain a different perspective on his art and take a real shot at being a player in this new music landscape, he suddenly made his way to New York where he lived with his (now) manager for over a year. In New York, during the increased tension of police brutality and gentrification, he saw firsthand the determination, sacrifice and commitment it would take to be as great as he wanted to be without compromising his integrity. This journey led to the release of the politically charged Kickdrums collaboration project, titled "Nowhere". DUCKWRTH's overall experience inspired him to take a fearless approach to writing, producing and performing his own music.

In 2016, DUCKWRTH took the energy he developed in New York back to Los Angeles where he created and released his critically acclaimed debut LP, I’M UUGLY. IM UUGLYis equal parts mainstream and underground. With smooth crossover tracks like I'M DEAD featuring Sabrina Claudio and RAREPANTHER to mosh pit songs like BLAKK RAGERand RUUUN, this was a project that merged the most unique parts of DUCKWRTH’s personality and talents to create a sound and visual palette that indicated he had not only grown as an artist but well on his way to being a music icon and visionary for his generation.

DUCKWRTH's recently released project, an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape, vows to take that vision a step further by blending genres from rock to hip hop to funk and soul and incorporating live elements from guitars to violins. What started as just an accumulation of demos he started while working on his previous release is quickly proving to be more than just a few leftover tracks sitting on his hard drive. It is a legitimate body of work that caught the interest of Republic Records and has already gained the attention of tastemakers around the world. In the short time since its release its been picked up for major sync opportunities including Real Time with Bill Maher, EA Games' Need for Speed and prime time television shows.

DUCKWRTH is adamant about being hands on in the visual perception promoted to the world through his music. He is the illustrator of all of the artwork accompanying the projects he has released, is the creative force behind all of his visuals and recently launched a line of T-shirts branded B.O.Y.,​ ​a campaign that supports blurring the gender lines, discourages gender biases and encourages fans and friends to take pride in B​eing O​nly Y​ou. Hard to think his story has only just begun.