Some artists know they’ve made it big when they buy their first whip, purchase a house, or cop that first diamond-encrusted chain. However, a different moment altogether assured BamSavage that he’d in fact made it… 

“It was when my dad told me he was proud of me,” says the rising Broward County artist. “We have a terrible relationship. Sometimes, I think he’s scared of me, but after I signed my record deal with Republic Records, he said he was proud. It was an accomplishment. When I got my first big check, I bought the best grills money could buy too,” he laughs.    

Before landing the deal that made dad proud, the 19-year-old relocated from New York to Broward County during middle school. He can recall a lifelong fascination with music, listening to everything from rock, R&B to rap. In 2016, he jumped headfirst into making music. BamSavage downloaded FL Studio and started rapping on YouTube beats from his bedroom with a $150 microphone. He drew inspiration from the likes of Travis Scott, XXXTentacion, and The Weeknd into his own style. 

Arriving with a signature concoction of woozy melodies, stark emotionality, dark imagery, and tight bars, he stirred up an organic buzz as songs like “Might” and “Dancing With The Devil” clocked over 100K plays on Soundcloud. At the same time, he amassed 10K-plus followers on the platform. As his star rose, he caught the attention of Republic and signed to the label—despite being homeless during this period. 

Telling the story in his own words, BamSavage’s debut single “Feelings Aside” hinges on a hypnotically haunting melody, which immediately transfixes over an airy beat. Straight out of the gate, it racked up over 400K Soundcloud plays, while its music video juxtaposed intense and inviting images. 

 “I was in an unhealthy relationship with a girl,” he admits. “We were in love with each other, but we knew it wasn’t going to last. We were basically using each other, because I was homeless. I needed a place to sleep. She would let me stay at her parents’ house. I would sneak in the kitchen and eat all the food while everyone was sleeping. We would fight all the time. We both decided it was better off with us not being a couple, but we both still hung out, fucked, and she let me stay at the crib. We just put our feelings to the side. It worked out so much better that way!” 

As he readies his major label debut project, BamSavage has most definitely made it—and now he’s ready to make a lasting connection with fans everywhere. 

“I want people to feel my pain and feel my joy,” he leaves off. “I hope to use this platform to express however I feel. I’m excited for everyone to live my life with me through the music and the visuals.”