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Red Nose Day
Red Nose Day
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Angel Haze

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Angel Haze

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    About Angel Haze

    Born in July 1991, Angel is a newcomer to the hip hop scene. Yet in two short years she's been able to turn a childhood hobby of writing poems into a full fledged career. Angel has made been making waves in hip hop since 2009 and her biggest splash came most recently when she was signed to Universal Music Group, becoming their newest artist to date.
    She’s been featured on several music blogs and websites, such as: Pitchfork,,,,,, Hot97, Unsigned Hype,, Pound Magazine, and a feature for In a short period of time, she already has thousands of fans following her career and continues to build her buzz online. Her songs have presently surpassed the 100,000 mark in downloads, and have over 1,000,000 views on YouTube.
    Angel Haze is as confident as she is shy, and as proud as she is humble. Like many, her music provides a breath of fresh air for those who have an appreciation for music with genuine substance.
    When asked her goal as a musician, she confidently replies, “I want to make people feel connected. I want to tell a story – everybody’s story”
    Download Angel's latest body of work the EP "RESERVATION"

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