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Andy Bull

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    About Andy Bull

    “I had this thought that if you try to swim in a "sea of approval", you eventually sink. All the other words flowed along behind that idea...”
    For an out of the way island, Australia has produced a lot of talent of the past few years. Gotye. Kimbra. Tame Impala. Flume. Empire Of The Sun. Add to that list Andy Bull, an artist-producer from Sydney who has carved himself a place in the local music scene with his unique approach to alternative pop.
    Having already spent multiple weeks as the most played song on Triple J, Australia’s National Youth Broadcaster, Keep On Running marks the arrival of Bull as a not only a songwriter of depth, but as an artist-producer with a highly original, exciting sound.
    The ‘sea of approval’ has already spread beyond Bull’s home shores; blog aggregator site Hype Machine at one point listed Keep on Running in the top 5 most blogged about songs in the world. It is one of a growing list of accolades made even more impressive by the fact that Andy Bull most works alone – Keep On Running was self produced and this arching, bittersweet synth-anthem is essentially a one-man creation:
    “This is the first time I've released a song that I've produced just on my own, so that gives stuff a certain character because its layer on layer of one person's instincts. It’s often practically challenging to work this way, because you have multiple roles to play - but also it’s quite liberating because you can run a long way with an idea.”
    As his musical journey continues to unfold, Keep on Running throws the door of opportunity wide open for Andy Bull. He is no longer constricted within sanction of others; while he knows he is on a dubious quest, he just can't seem to help himself and the tangible sense that he may end up exactly where he wants to be.
    “It takes some confidence and patience, but I'm really happy to be doing it this way… and just completely thrilled to be part of what I consider to be a kind of golden musical age.”

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