Alec King

It takes some balls to name your official debut EP, Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, a whole two yearsinto your career…

It takes even bigger balls to follow it up with a sequel entitled, Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, just a few months later, but Los Angeles-based genre disruptor Alec King possesses the sort of real reckless (and riotous) charm and guts sadly absent in modern popular culture and music. 

Instead, he’s the kind of dude who openly declares “I Hate Models” with lines like “Why you tell me hips don’t lie…when you walk away every time?”or likens himself to the king of the awkward moment on the 2019 single “Larry David” [feat. Kiana Ledé] as he admits, “I feel like Larry David, she kicked me to the curb.” 

Fittingly, Alec does everything independent and D.I.Y. The results prove gleefully and gloriously fresh, fiery, and fun as he fuses clever pop, wiseass hip-hop, and indie panache.

“I make all of my music with my best friends; that didn’t change for Vol. 2,” he explains. “My vision was to share that experience with anyone who listens to it. When you have fun creating music. It really translates. You can hear that. It’s summer ’19 vibes. You’ll hear growth, but mostly, you’ll have a good time.”

Fans had a blast the first go-round. Alex first turned heads with his independent 2018 breakout hit, “Visions.” As it racked up 2 million-plus cumulative streams, he inked a publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Evocative of his sharp sense of humor, “Boy Do We Love Alcohol” received praise from Dancing Astronaut, among others. The Heavy Group/Republic Records snatched him up in 2019 as Greatest Hits, Vol. 1stoked buzz further with the single “Keep It Real” [feat. Rich The Kid]. 

He introduces the next installment with “Larry David”—co-written by Jonas Jeberg, Pink Sweat$, and Lil Aaron. Sun-soaked guitar and horns bristle against his hilarious rhymes about a “tank on E,” a“groupon,”a“porno chick,”and“dessert.” Meanwhile, Kiana Ledé delivers a soulful counterpoint with her reprise of the hook, adding another dimension on the call-and-response.

“Anyone who knows me personally knows my love for Larry David and how important he is in my life,” he laughs. “He helped shape me into the man I am today: the Larry David of rap. It fits, because it’s about a girl not really messing with me anymore. Shout out to Kiana for blessing us with her voice. It’s the theme song for my life.”

He also goes throwback on the scarily catchy “Poltergeist” featuring Biz Markie. The legendary MC turns up with a new rendition of his classic “Just a Friend.”

“I slid in his DMs and now we are here,” grins Alec. “You could say we spoke that one into exist.”

On the other end of the spectrum, the soulful “BMW” details “topics I always wanted to address in a song.”You just have to listen to it for the story though!

In the end, Greatest Hits, Vol. 2proves worthy of its title with bangers from Alec worth sharing for years to come.

“I’d love for my music to connect with eras of people’s lives and give them nostalgic vibes when they listen to it five years from now,” he leaves off. “Maybe, it can take them back to the memories we had. It’s the goal for Greatest Hits, Vol. 3, then Vol. 4, and the double-sided Greatest Hits Vol. 5 & Vol. 6and the finale Greatest Hits… Forreal This Time. All jokes aside, thanks to anyone who listens to my music and follows me. I appreciate you more than you know. Also send this to Larry David. If he wants to give us some tweaks and notes, that would be very fitting,” he chuckles.