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    About 3LAU

    Born Justin Blau, 3lau (pronounced Blau) became fascinated with music at the age of five when he first taught himself to play the piano, and later guitar and drums. Now, as 3LAU releases his first original mixes, each track begins on the piano. Gleaning creative insight from inspirations Sigur Ros and Radiohead, 3LAU aims to bring beauty, melody, and emotion back into dance music. This year marks a fresh chapter for the young 3LAU, as he transitions from mash-up guru to big room house producer.

    The 22-year old 3LAU first took the electronic music scene by storm, igniting dance parties and crafting beats to the delight of fans worldwide. Joining the release circuit less than 2 years ago, 3LAU amassed widespread acclaim with two eclectic collections of bootlegs titled “Dance Floor Filth,” and the term continues to describe 3LAU’s unique sound. Once his music and mixes reached the ears of fans and bloggers alike, 3LAU earned top 10 Beatport and Hype Machine charting, as well as a reputation as a DJ who flawlessly blends together bootlegs, remixes, and originals into fast-paced sets that keep crowds guessing.

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