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Artist Spotlight: The Presets

clock April 24, 2013
Artist Spotlight: The Presets

Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes met while both were attending music school in Sydney. They formed a band but soon realized that it wasn’t the best vehicle by which to express themselves.

Voila. The Presets.

Twelve years, three albums, two EPs and one forthcoming Republic debut later The Presets is making crowds move worldwide. But don’t try to fence in the sound of these two classically trained musicians.

Offers Hamilton, “We are always striving to get to the core of who we are with our music: to make the most honest `Presets’ music there is. I hope that every time we make a new track we are getting closer to something that is uniquely us.”

Republic- why do you make music

Kim- Like most musicians I’ve been making and playing music from a very early age but I didn’t really want to grow up, so I thought I would just figure out a way to try keep myself young and music just turned into a career. When I was younger I loved the escapism music offered. Today, what I love is the power and unity music can bring. I adore the way people adopt songs, bands and artists as the soundtrack to their day-to -day lives.  I even love the way people get so irritated and offended by music that they despise. When everyone is gathered at a concert or festival and sharing a moment where the crowds’ souls are connected and guided by the music – this would arguably have to be one of the best and most unique things that the human race has brought to the planet.

R-If you couldn’t make music, what would you do for a living?

K-I’m not sure. I’m grateful that I can and do make music, who knows where I would have ended up if a few things in my life turned out differently? One thing is certain: if I didn’t make music then I wouldn’t be answering these questions! 😉

R- What’s your fave record out right now and why?

K-‘Shaking the Habitual’, The Knife.

It’s such a terrifying album and a real oddity. There are parts of it that remind me of one of my favorite 20th Century composers, Iannis Xenakis.

R- What are your sad/mad/happy go-to songs?

K-Sad – Phillip Glass, Act III – “King”, Part 3, from Satyagraha 

Mad – Sepultura, “Roots”

Happy – The Cure, “Just Like Heaven”.

R- a writer called your music “anthems for husky straight dudes who aren’t ashamed to dance.” Any comments?

Julian -Sure – Also for husky straight girls, husky gay girls, husky gay guys, and every husky person in between. Basically anyone who likes to move their hips from side to side. What is husky? Did that writer mean hunky, or hulky?

R- are there many husky straight dudes at your shows?

J- Thousands. They are the ones with their shirts off. 

R-What’s the difference between EDM and electronic music/electronica?

J- I don’t really know what EDM is. Is it dubstep? Or that 90s big room techno sound updated for the 2013 kids? We certainly notice that there seems to be a whole lot more stages and festivals with kids jumping around to DJs than there were eight years ago when we first visited the USA. …I don’t really get the label thing… You’d have to go to Ghana and visit some guy playing drums in the desert to get away from EDM/Electronic music. And he’s probably going making dub step on his laptop.

R-What’s the biggest mis conception about Australia?

J-That kangaroos jump down the street. And that we are laid back.



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