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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: PSY “Gentleman” Video Round-Up

clock May 8, 2013
ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: PSY “Gentleman” Video Round-Up

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, if “they” are right then right about now, PSY is one flattered, uh, gentleman.

Much like “Gangam Style” PSY’s new single “Gentleman” has inspired his legions of fans to flip on the cam corder and tape their own tributes to PSY’s imitable and oh so videogenic style. And, oh what an array of tributes it is. Ya got your all-girl Korean dance crew, kid rappers, superheroes, Bulgarian flash mobs, punk rockers, Russians, Obama….Hell, even the darn Chipmunks are getting their “Gentleman” on.

Roll the tape…

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