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Artist Spotlight: Get To Know (+ LOVE) MisterWives!

clock June 2, 2014
Artist Spotlight: Get To Know (+ LOVE) MisterWives!

Your soon-to-be new favorite band, MisterWives (a take on the term “sisterwives”) is comprised of Mandy Lee (Vocals), Etienne Bowler (Drums), Will Hehir (Bass), who began making some beautiful music together in late 2012…

Lee, the powerhouse vocalist who studied opera and songwriting at New York City’s only specialized high school for music and performing arts, was born and raised in Queens and met Hehir through a mutual friend and Bowler, a Bronx native, while working close to one another. The three immediately fell into stride musically and MisterWives was born. When it came time to play live, Bowler brought in old friends Marc Campbell (Guitar) and Jesse Blum (Keys/Trumpet/Accordion). They played their first show together in February of 2013 and were signed immediately to Photo Finish/Island Records after the show.

In October, the band hit the road with Half Moon Run on their first national tour. The tour ended with a two triumphant sets at this year’s CMJ before heading out for a six week stint with American Authors & The Royal Concept. They released their debut EP Reflections this January and were featured as the first iTunes “Single of the Week” of 2014. Not too shabby for a young band…

+ Does this ring a bell?

If you love that jam, here’s what Mandy Lee says about “Coffins” from her Pigeons & Planes interview last fall:

“Coffins was the intro for many people, It is about the loss of a friendship with someone. He was my best friend and we were in the band together and it just got really bad. The friendship completely died. He was really important to me and now we don’t even talk anymore. He is amazing but our friendship just turned really bad.

A lot of people can relate to it differently though, it can be about a romantic relationship ending, a friendship, a death of someone special—in my case it was a friendship. It was hard because the more we tried to keep it alive the more we just didn’t get along and it sucks because now the band is starting to kick off and he isn’t a part of it anymore. He was the original guitarist of the whole thing and now he is out of it completely.”


+ Listen and enjoy:


+ Listen to MisterWives’ entire EP, Reflections here… Then make the EP allll yourrrrs on iTunes here


+ You love them, right?! Everyone does! Don’t take our word for it… Here’s what some of your top music gurus have to say:

  • “…the end result, a “Forget You”-meets-“Rehab” pop gem with just a hint of New York edge. The trio, who first started making music almost exactly a year ago, have quickly found their stride, pairing Lee’s sultry vocals and sharp-as-a-tack lyrics (listen closely to “Twisted Tongue” to hear what we mean) with the musical powerings of Will Hehir and Etienne Bowler…” – Nylon
  • “…we’re convinced MisterWives’ debut, Reflections, will be one of the best EPs of 2014.” – Nylon
  • “…MisterWives constructs the quintessential girl-power anthem you can’t help but sway and stamp your feet to.” – Nylon
  • “They’re a flawless blend of folk and soul—a little bit Lumineers, a little bit Of Monsters and Men, but entirely their own, thanks to the hauntingly soulful voice of lead singer Mandy Lee…” –  Teen Vogue
  • “Jumping between a fluttering falsetto and a big-throated wail, MisterWives’ Mandy Lee sings in a way that’s skillful, electrifying, and instantly memorable… With a stomping four-on-the-floor beat, chiming guitars, and an acrobatic melody, “Reflections” (the title track from the group’s debut EP) is a vivid introduction to the band.” – iTunes “Single of the Week”
  • “…imagine the organic vibes of a female-fronted Mumford & Sons mixed with the stomp-clap sensibilities of The Lumineers, with a little bit of St. Lucia’s gorgeous synth-pop sparks sprinkled throughout…. “Reflections” had us ready to declare it the “Top Jam of 2014″ after only one listen. And, after only 1,477 more listens, we totally stand by our initial gut reaction.” – MTV Buzzworthy


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MisterWives, June 2, 2014

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