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Artist + Video Spotlight: Get Jaded. (Incorporated)

clock April 21, 2014
Artist + Video Spotlight: Get Jaded. (Incorporated)

“Mayer Hawthorne & 14KT are Jaded Incorporated.”

It’s a modest self-description, but to the point… If you haven’t heard of Jaded Incorporated yet, you’re about to…

As you know, Mayer Hawthorne‘s music is hard to pin, which is part of what makes it so good. Some people say “new school soul”, some say retro, but this soulful artist has a Pharrell-produced song, “Where Does This Door Go” that won a Grammy, as well being known for his awesome live shows and music videos. Mayer’s partner in crime and friend since high school is Michigan producer 14KT (Kendall Tucker), who is a long-time member of Michigan’s almighty hip-hop group Athletic Mic League… And together they are:

Jaded Incorporated, Artist Spotlight April 21, 2014

Musically, the two have teamed up for funky, sexy jams that some are calling “beat wave”, again, slipping in and out of musical boundaries to create good music, simple as that. Artist Direct says of the duo, “Born out of their mutual adoration for the Post-Punk and New Wave movements of the early 1980s, and an obsession with Ghettotech and Booty music that penetrated the airwaves and rave scene in Detroit in the 90’s, Mayer and KT have created a brand new sound they call ‘Beat Wave.'”

Sounds pretty dang good, doesn’t it??

/ / / Preorder their debut album The Big Knock here! \ \ \
Jaded Incorporated, The Big Knock album preorder April 21, 2014


Watch the brand new VEVO video premiere for “People Change”:


… And the “Coconut Sofa” lyric video:

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