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Artist Spotlight: Introducing Multi-Genre Mastermind, Clinton Sparks.

clock July 14, 2014
Artist Spotlight: Introducing Multi-Genre Mastermind, Clinton Sparks.

Some people were just born to produce music.

You’ve definitely heard Grammy-nominated artist Clinton Sparks and loved his work, you maybe just didn’t know it was him. That’s ok, that’s why we’re here! Get to know this up and coming Boston-born Artist/DJ/Producer who has produced for Lady Gaga, Ludacris, Akon and many, many more…



+ Inspired by remixes he heard on the radio, Clinton stole his first set of turntables when he was 12 and began manipulating his favorite parts of his favorite jams to birth completely new songs (that were amazing).

+ Since a young age, Clinton won numerous talent shows as both a rapper and a dancer in Boston and around the Northeast.

+ With a mind for the music biz, Clinton grew his musical production and marketing skills by working with local artists, and producing mix tapes and distributing along east coast anywhere he could.

Clinton Sparks, July 14, 2014

+ Before the success of his actual radio show, Sparks would slyly lure top rap and hip-hop artists like Eminem, Common, Wu-Tang Clan, Talib Kweli, Kardinal Offishall, Mobb Deep, and Cam’ron to visit his “studio” in his mother’s basement to record verses over his beats.

+ Radio’s not dead! Clinton hosts an award-winning, worldwide syndicated radio show, “My Awesome Radio Show” (formally known as SmashTime Radio), since 2001. It was ranked #1 on WJMN Jam’n 94.5 Boston.

+ In 2004, Clinton co-founded the world’s largest mixtape website, MixUnit.com.

+ In 2008, Clinton was offered a role as music correspondent and TV personality for The Daily 10 on E! News, leading to music correspondence for Yahoo! Music and the weekly “Smashtime Party” in Las Vegas at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (guests included The Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Ne-Yo, Paris Hilton, Tommy Lee, and other celebrities.)

+ In 2011, Clinton signed a residency deal with The Palms Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, renaming the event “My Awesome Party.” (At the grand opening, Clinton made his entrance by being lowered from a helicopter through the retractable roof of the hotel onto his DJ set. He knows how to party!)

+ Also in 2011, he launched a series of mixtapes: “My Awesome Mixtape,” which opens with various celebrities introducing Clinton, including Diddy’s extensive co-signing and Samuel L. Jackson altering his famous biblical passage from Pulp Fiction by replacing the Lord’s name with “Clinton Sparks.”

+ Some of Clinton’s production roster includes several official remixes such as Usher’s “Scream,” Chris Brown’s “Don’t Wake Me Up,” Pitbull and Chris Brown’s “International Love,” and Girl’s Generation, featuring Snoop Dogg’s “Boys”, plus many more.

+ Clinton’s first single, “Gold Rush”, was released last May. The hit jam features 2 Chainz + Macklemore + D.A. (Chester French). Check it out:

+ Get the “Goldrush” single now! Click below to download on iTunes:
 Clinton Sparks, July 14, 2014


+ Watch out for Clinton’s upcoming EP, “ICONOclast”, featuring the single, “U.V. Love” ft. T.I.–the single drops 7/22!

+ Keep up with Clinton:



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