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Artist Spotlight: Q: Need Some Fun, Refreshing, Catchy Indie Rock? A: The Colourist

clock March 21, 2014
Artist Spotlight: Q: Need Some Fun, Refreshing, Catchy Indie Rock? A: The Colourist

You may or may not have heard of The Colourist already… But if you were at SXSW this past week, then you most likely did. The “pop-fueled, indie-bred rock” band hailing from southern California has been gaining acclaim like wildfire, everywhere from underground indie shows to Coachella and SXSW fests to direct support tours for bands like Metric and label mates Youngblood Hawke. Their debut full-length powerhouse self-titled record drops in a short week and a half on 3/25! Preorder “The Colourist” here.

During and after this recent SXSW there was major buzz for this #FirstFans Republic band, as their undeniable hooks, rich melodic sound and fun-to-watch shows made for a perfect indie-rock hangin’ with your buds/sing-a-long experience, day or night. See for yourself!

SXSW DAY 2 & 3:
colourist 4
colourist day 2
sxsw colourist
the colourist 3
colourist day 3



T H E  C O L O U R I S T  F A N  F A R E :



A B O U T  T H E  C O L O U R I S T :
According to their bio, in 2009 “The Colourist first stumbled upon one another in an underused warehouse in Orange County, CA, where Adam and Maya discovered the harmonic chemistry that has come to define the band’s bright and anthemic signature sound. “They very accurately (and pretty cutely) refer to their music as “majestic rock” or “math pop”.

The band consists of Adam Castilla (vocals, guitar), Maya Tuttle (drums, vocals), Kollin Johannsen (guitar, bass), and Justin Wagner (bass, keys).

Regarding the name of the band, in a Baeble Music interview, Maya says: “This was a really difficult thing. We were trying to come up with a band name. We all pitched in our ideas. Most of them were horrible. Sometimes we brought them up for a laugh. We were talking and a friend of ours was working on a student film and she was like, ‘The Colourist is going to come in.’ We were like, what’s a ‘Colourist?’ It’s this person that’s completely in control of the color tone, scheme and feel of a movie in many ways. We just thought that’s such a cool concept. The Colourist is in charge of the color. And it wasn’t a band name yet. So, we took it on. The British/Canadian view is just because it looks nicer. It’s hard to explain.”

In their starting year, 2009, The Colourist won Best New Artist, Best Song and Best Live Band at the O.C. Music Awards with their debut single “Little Games”, which ultimately became the #1 song on Hype Machine!

In 2010, the band performed at SXSW, blowing everyone’s minds, thus were recommended for the 2010 OC Music Awards as Best Song and Best New Artist, and garnering the title of Best Live Band in the “Best of 2010” issue for Weekly.



W A T C H  T H E  C O L O U R I S T :



T H E  C O L O U R I S T  T O U R :
These seasoned road dogs have toured extensively, and it doesn’t look like that’ll stop any time soon! Don’t miss these rad rocker babes–their shows are seriously soooo memorable and will make you feel absolutely elated! Check out their tour dates here and below:
colourist tour

“THE COLOURIST” COMES OUT MARCH 25TH!! Preorder now right here.

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