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Artist Spotlight: Get Godsmack’d! Check Out These Top Godsmack Facts + Big News…

clock July 28, 2014
Artist Spotlight: Get Godsmack’d! Check Out These Top Godsmack Facts + Big News…

After three #1 albums in a row and several songs hitting the “Top 5″ and Top 10” lists, Godsmack is still going really strong almost 20 years into their musical career. Call it hard rock, call it alternative metal, the band has a heavy sound that has attracted metalheads and alterna-heshers alike–both hungry for the band’s upcoming endeavor, 1000hp (due out August 5), to become diehard fans of this killer ensemble…


How well do you know Godsmack??  Here are 7 facts about the band that you gotta know if you consider yourself Godsmack’d:

1. There is debate around the origin of the band’s name coming from a “cold sore incident” between Sully and Stewart and the Alice In Chains’ song “God Smack”… And did you know the band’s original name was The Scam?

2. Due to a birth defect, bassist Robbie Merrill can’t move his left hand’s middle finger, so he’s somewhat ambidextrous–writing with his right hand and playing with his left (with strings in correct order).

3. Sully has played drums since he was about 3 years old and even has a tattoo of Animal (the drummer from The Muppets!)

4. A U.S. dad complained to Walmart about offensive lyrics after listening to his son’s Godsmack record, demanding that they take the album off of the shelves, leading to both Walmart and K-mart to take the album off the shelves. This lead to what Sully refers to as “the best press we ever got in our lives… We got more exposure off that than we got in the history of our career.”

5. The band has been signed with Republic for 16 years!

6. Disagreements in the songwriting process for Godsmack created a riff (no pun intended) that led to the birth of the musical side project called Another Animal, sans Sully.

7. X-Men star Hugh Jackman gets jacked up during his workouts to Godsmack! He told ArtistDirect, “When I train, I listen to really hard stuff. While I’m working out, I listen to a lot of Godsmack as loudly as I can. That’s the closest to Wolverine that I can get [Laughs]!”


+ Now get ALL your Godsmack facts straightened out, straight from Sully’s mouth, in these ‘Fact or Fiction’ sessions with Loudwire!


+ Ever wonder how the band narrowed down the songs that made the album and what their song creation process in the studio is like? Well, all your dreams are about to come true… Check out iHeartRadio’s time with the guys here:

In the video above, Erna reveals, “Tony [Rombola] and Shannon [Larkin] bring in all these ideas and I bring in all these ideas and it’s kind of like a wolfpack, fighting over a bone. Everyone wants to keep their ideas. Everyone wants to salvage the art that they’ve created. And all of it was great ideas, but it was really about what was best for the album.”

He goes on to add, “That’s a promise we all had made to each other a long time ago. We always write for what’s best for the record — not individuality, not egos — and so we get to work.”


 + Last but not least, hear the latest from Godsmack and get your 1000hp preorder on lockdown!

Click the album art to preorder 1000hp and instantly get “1000hp” and “Generation Day”!
Godsmack 1000hp preorder, July 28, 2014


+ The dudes also have a track on The Walking Dead, Songs of Survival Vol. 2, entitled “Turning To Stone”–get more info on ordering that soundtrack here.

+ Get even more info on the new record, read what the press is saying about 1000hp, check out Sully’s article on Grammy.com, get tour dates, and A LOT more in our recent story here!

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