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Artist Direct Features Limp Bizkit

clock May 31, 2013
Artist Direct Features Limp Bizkit

It should be no surprise to Limp Bizkit fans. They are still rocking the stage and making music that is “as fierce as ever”.

See what Artist Direct had to say about Limp Bizkit’s recent tour and their sold out venues across the North America:

“Limp Bizkit are so unflinchingly phenomenal live because they really never stopped. Whether they were making thousands of people at festivals bounce from Australia to Europe or even during stateside one-offs such as Rock on the Range and Epicenter, they’ve been fine-tuning their patented rap metal machine into a veritable sonic terminator over the past few years. Limp Bizkit’s always been dangerous on stage, but they’re downright deadly now.”

Read more on Limp Bizkit from Artist Direct.

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