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Angel Haze Surprises on Woodkid “I Love You” Remix

clock June 13, 2013
Angel Haze Surprises on Woodkid “I Love You” Remix

Angel Haze recently linked up with French singer/video director Woodkid for a revamped version of “I Love You.” The song is an unexpectedly good duet between the two as they go back and forth with heartfelt lyrics. (XXL) The orchestral record is a moving narrative, pitting Woodkid’s thick vocals against Haze’s spitfire rhymes. She even lays down some falsetto licks, which should come as an unexpected surprise. (Complex) … Haze seems to have been boosted by the luxurious sound of “I Love You” as she unleashes some impressive vocals out of nowhere. Don’t worry though, her razor sharp raps still make an admirable appearance, but it’s her sweet and controlled singing that prove to be a real show stealer. (Vice Noisey)

Listen to the song here:

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