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Adrian Marcel + TheDrop.fm

clock August 3, 2013
Adrian Marcel + TheDrop.fm

“Oakland is one of the most competitive cities that I’ve been in,” Marcel says. “I’ve seen a lot of things and been to a lot of places, but I never got what I got like what I got from Oakland. It’s so real. It’s so rich in culture, and people aren’t afraid to be themselves. You’re going to meet different people. And everybody’s got to hustle and make it. You have to fight to get through. I think that’s what gave me the confidence to do music for so long. Just being from that city, it gives you a certain certainty that you can do. If you could make it in Oakland, you can make it anywhere.”

Adrian Marcel talks to TheDrop.fm about his Oakland roots, working with Raphael Saadiq and more. Read the interview here.

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