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3 Doors Down visits Dubai

clock April 7, 2013
3 Doors Down visits Dubai

3 Doors Down’s Chris Henderson fills us in on the band’s recent trip to Dubai:

Is this your first trip to Dubai? 

No, we played Dubai back in 2006 as part of the Dubai Desert Rock festival.

If no, what was most memorable about your last trip there and how does this trip compare?

It’s amazing to see how much the city has grown. The people are so vibrant and the city reflects that. There’s a lot of local culture mixed with this rapid expansion, it’s really interesting to see how the country has maintained their identity along the way.

 How does the crowd there compare to a U.S. Crowd?

The Dubai crowd may not have the opportunity to see as many rock bands as crowds in the US, so there is some added excitement based on that. The Dubai crowd was amazing. There was a great energy during the show.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen/done/bought and eaten while there?

The Burj Khalifa is pretty amazing. It’s the world’s tallest building. I think it’s a little under 1/2 a mile tall. Chet (Roberts ­ 3 Doors Down guitarist) and some of the crew guys went out and suited up in some local fashion, they wore a Ghutrah I believe it was called.

What does world travel do for one’s own perspective about the world or about life?

It definitely opens up your perspective to things outside of the US. Once people in other countries find out that you are from the US they will typically want to ask you about your country, and tell you their opinions on it, for better or worse! That’s part of the experience though, meeting new people and almost being an ambassador for you country through the band and music. I also love to experience other cultures, and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to do so while playing music.

Did you get a chance to hear any local music while in Dubai? If yes, what was that like? 

Unfortunately no, this show was right in the middle of our current tour with Daughtry, so it was in and out. I love taking in the local culture when I visit a foreign country, but unfortunately there was no time.


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