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10 Ways to Get More Outta Lollapalooza

clock July 28, 2013
10 Ways to Get More Outta Lollapalooza

It’s hard to believe it’s been 22 years since the very first Lollapalooza concert! Now held in Chicago’s Grant Park, Lollapalooza is fast-approaching (August 2-4) and the line-up is as exciting, eclectic and, well, freaking cool as you’d come to expect. And why are we telling you all of this? Because Republic Records artists are going to be bringing it to the stage and we think we know these folks are going to shine. Just check out who will be holding it down for team Republic: heavy metal thunder kings Ghost BC, electronic duo Crystal Castles, soul man Alex Clare, the indie pop two-some Pacific Air, singer-songwriter Ben Howard and red- hot rapper Angel Haze. All you can handle but let’s just say you did want more. Here’s some stuff you might want to do in between sets.

Hit up the autograph tent. Fans can meet, greet and get their favorite musician to sign well… let’s hope it’s not a body part.

All those selfies running your battery down?  Charge your phone at the Mophie bar.

And speaking of which, there’s a Samsung tent where you can not only check out the equipment but suck on some popsicles. For reals.

Some company is handing out free water. Hydration is key.

There is going to be a sausage house; not to be confused with a house made from sausages.

If all that twerking is taking it toll, chill out at the vino lounge.

There’s a special section and events just for kids. Yes. Kids. Welcome to your 30s.

There’s patio furniture!

Get into an argument about which is better, Chicago or NY style pizza.

Re-apply sunscreen; doesn’t sound sexy but you’ll thank us later.

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