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10 Things You Need To Know About Until The Ribbon Breaks

clock September 18, 2013
10 Things You Need To Know About Until The Ribbon Breaks

Last week, singer Pete Lawrie Winfield—aka Until The Ribbon Breaks—released his first EP, The Taste of Silver. The five-track EP, which features the single, “Pressure,” is Until The Ribbon Breaks’ introduction to the music world and the first of many quality releases that are sure to come from him. And already, he’s drawing comparisons to the likes of Massive Attack, Beck, James Blake and even Prince due to his thought-provoking approach to music. It features productions layered with samples and rich sounds, intricate harmonies, and lyricism that will most certainly take you by surprise due to its complex nature. You simply have to hear The Taste of Silver to get a better idea of what Until The Ribbon Breaks is all about.

But because The Taste of Silver is really the first taste of Until The Ribbon Breaks that the world has received, there’s still not a whole lot of info about the man behind the music available out there. And we know that it can be difficult to get too deep into an artist’s music without knowing a little bit of who he or she is. So before you press play on The Taste of Silver, we thought we would tell you 10 things that you need to know about Until The Ribbon Breaks. Get familiar with the man behind the music below.

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